Engage Your Heart Best

Over the past months leading out of 2017, I received a wonderful phrase that I’ve been nurturing and incubating. The phrase is an instruction for me to engage my heart best. I have inserted many words in place of best but today I realized that it’s the best word (smile). To make plans, I will develop them to be the best. To make an impression with others, I will engage my heart best. When I create a project, I intend to engage my heart, my intuition and my discerning eye in the best way. The best way is the purest way, leaving out the distractions of frivolous thought. I ask myself how the client, customer or coworker will receive my heart when it’s engaged at my best. How will it transform their life and change their behavior or character? How will it cause them to reject wrong and offensive intrusions that negatively impact the imprints of others minds? Will they reform and then transform when I engage my heart best? If that doesn’t happen, then I’m of no use and I have not captured the higher understanding of the rules of engagement. For the rules we truly look for are not written in a book, but written on the tablets of our heart. The rules are already embedded from a seed sown long ago. I coach people that want, with every fiber of their being, to engage their heart best, as I push for that every morning I wake up and take the steps of my day. It’s so surreal that today is Valentine’s Day. I hope your heart pulls you to do life in a better way - the best way. Engage your heart best today and start living Life full.


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, I give you my heart today. I clear out all the things that try to divide and separate me from You today. I make room for You. I ask You to stretch out and preside in my heart. Take all the space You want. I declare that today I willingly submit and give You all the space in my heart You want. I receive every value and virtue You desire to give me that will allow me to engage my heart best. I decree that today I will engage my heart in a most excellent way. I decree that You direct my steps today. I follow Your rules of engagement today. I will leap troubles and distractions by engaging in pure and noble ways. My heart feels the enlargement today. I am open to engaging it at its best. I will engage my heart with the Truth, the Light and the most Excellent Way.  


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Eugenie Encalarde