I have found myself in a push to accept my season of change. Ironically, the next journey is destined to be brighter than the success I’ve already achieved (and that’s been pretty darn bright given my past achievements!) So why am I kicking and screaming all the way to the finish line of my next season? It’s pretty funny how fear can mask itself. We call it a force brought on because of other people - - it’s frankly their fault. We pick up a spirit of offense or pity. We let inner voices overpower the truth about us and victory that’s really in us. We need constant affirmation from others when the most important Affirmation has given us a green light for an open heaven if only we’d get up from our tush of fear and complacency and walk to the starting line. Okay, hobble there if we must. I remember having this same coaching session with someone only to realize I now found myself in the same place. Here, I broke my first rule: don’t coach what you haven’t experienced (gulp!) Now, I can help her. Now I can coach her to her next place of victory. I now understand feeling debilitated yet wanting to move forward. I get it — the anxiety and fear of growth in accepting the next season. Great and overwhelming at the same time. So what would I say to her now? Scratch that. What WILL I say to her now (because she’s been asking  to have a cup of coffee for about two months now.) I will say, “ My friend, believe it or not, there is what may seem like a tiny voice inside of you waiting to roar. Now when you first roar, it might sound a little like a crackle, but just roar again and each day it’ll get stronger and stronger. And when the joy and freedom from fear attaches to that roar, you’ve told the heavens that you accept your season. Okay get ready, you may actually laugh at yourself sometimes. At how pitiful you were — kicking and screaming your way to your great bright season. No worries; You’re entering into your next big growth spurt! And with the new victory you now have, you’ll comfort another into accepting their season. Start Living Life Today!


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

God, today I accept my new season. I accept change and agree to acknowledge You in all my ways through this season because I absolutely know you will direct my daily steps. I decree that my spirit is being guided only by You, not by my emotions or the opinions of others. This is MY season and it’s MY responsibility to choose what I will do with it. I decree that fear is a trap and an illusion wrapped in a lie with a big bow of lies. I decree that fear is not a present I will accept. I declare that I will be led by love and my actions will be powerful because my heart will be pure and uncluttered from all divisions that would ultimately take away my power to make sound decisions. I speak to the heavens and say I am ready to accept and conquer challenges. Thank You for my new season. I Accept my Beautiful Life today. 


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