One Step

All it takes is one step for a life change. One word. One call. One smile. One lesson. Sometimes a nudge is what we need to move forward. Being stuck can be such an uncomfortable position. Having experienced that, I felt like my body was saying, “If only I could do that one thing, I’d have the strength and confidence to do the second thing, and then the third.” I felt as if I was being propelled forward every day. I admit those feelings seemed like sinking sand one day, and then hope coming around the corner the next day. I would pull that foot out and kick it forward. Observing life's pride and distractions -like grains of sand- being flung into the abyss, I was renewed by the possibility that this could be the one step I needed to make the move closer into my purpose and destiny. That aha moment. I thought, “It’s my moment. I'm taking it.” Will you take your one step today? New job. New look. New financial plan. New successful project. It’s yours for the taking! It’s in the One. You really do have a one earthly life. One life. Live it Today! 


EJ’s Prayer for You Today:

God, today I thank you for the one mind and one spirit to move forward. I decree that I will take this moment to do one thing that will give me success. I look to You for the wisdom and clarity of mind and heart. Let Your Spirit blow a fresh wind toward me and I will be revived. 


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Eugenie Encalarde