I kept thinking about what it must entail to perform an intensive procedure or surgery on a knee in order to remove chronic pain. I feel sometimes we go through that similar sort of scraping when we have been emotionally injured. In fact, I’m personally going through a scraping of old memories and tattered relationships in my life. It’s a painful process but I know the healing will come. I also know like knee surgery, the therapeutic process of getting the knee healed and strong again can seem almost as painful as the surgery itself. Life is truly a journey and when it’s time to be scraped, we must yield and go through the process. How do I do it? I journal my way through it, get a coach to guide me through painful truths, and I begin the difficult task of pushing forward with a fresh vision and list of what I need to learn to do to prepare for my next journey.  That’s my physical therapy! Oh, and my therapist that has the power to take me through the hard times? For me, that’s my beloved Holy Spirit. I know I don’t have the strength to take the next step. I don’t fool myself. Like I can really tell the size of the problem on my own? My judgment and perspective is jaded by the failures and insecurities that have tried to overtake my faith. You know those voices that cause you to doubt the inner strength and gifts that reside deep down. Okay, it’s time for us to remove the emotional pain and melodramatic relationships. It’s time to expose the limiting beliefs and heal the inner offenses that keep us from our destinies! Let’s start Living Life Today.


EJ’s Prayer for You today:

Today I acknowledgment the bigger picture. I yield my fate to your bigger picture. It's a great fate. I declare it's an amazing future. I will scrape away dead relationships, rotten memories, and decaying activities. I purify my heart with holy thoughts, and a spiritually mature mindset. Today I am filled with bright possibilities. I shine today. The hill of happiness is my portion. I decree a joy-ful, favor-ful life. Start Living Your Beautiful Life Today. 


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