This morning I released a lot of mistakes and lies that were flooding my mind. I realized I had let fleeting daily activities such as intellectual reading, impulsive purchases, and the glitz of nice comfortable things try to move me from my treasured quiet time. I knew if I didn't begin to closely monitor those thoughts and actions, a million imaginations would begin to take over and move me from the great progress I was making in areas of my life needing change. I was beginning to make unwise decisions. Really, they were little decisions that would begin to add up (if I continued on this path) and put me months behind my targeted goals. For example, I started saving a good amount of money and begin to feel confident in the discipline I had achieved. But then, I started feeling like I could use just a little for gifts and even began to think of many projects I should use my newly saved money for. Wait, I remembered this feeling -  rushed and anxious like I had to make a decision immediately. (Screech) That was my red flag! I know when I feel rushed, it always signals for me to do the opposite; which in this case was to slow down. So how did I begin slowing down? I started by putting my phone down, curbing the need to scroll through emails and texts, and pulling away from magazines, removing myself from too many conversations and closely monitoring anything that was stirring temporary pleasures, giving me a false sense of security. I also decided to fast, which is honestly my personal signal that I mean business. Yes, I experienced all of this in about an hour or so! That's how fast my mind was racing! There's more.. Then I sat down quietly at my kitchen table. I began to truthfully and freely release the mistakes through meaningful conversation dedicated in prayer. Then I heard His voice speak to me. I mentally saw two words -- Peace Overflowing. I thought, "huh, but I just released and listed my slip-ups yet this is what You're giving me?" I was so confused. I went to my computer, and googled "peace overflowing scriptures". While I was searching, I heard Him in my heart say. "When you decided to stop inviting what you were initially feeling - that anxiety - and became determined to change the behavior by doing something different, slowing down; that change stopped the pride of life from rushing in. You made a right decision today and in return I give you peace overflowing like a river." I begin again to Start living my Life Today. Are you ready to start yours?


EJ's Prayer for You Today:

Thank You for listening to me today. Thank You for forgiving me for my mistakes. I decree that Your peace is greater than what the world tries to give me. I declare that Your peace quiets my soul. My room is quiet today. I sit at your table of prayer and stop the flood of thoughts trying to rise above Your thoughts. I decree that I will sip on joy, peace and spoon up right decisions for my life today. Today, I will be nourished on every good thing you have for me. 


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Eugenie Encalarde