Difficult Conversations

A dear young man called me late yesterday evening. He had just had a difficult conversation and needed to process it with someone. Yes, one of those hard conversations that we toss and turn over. As I listened intently, he described a truly difficult circumstance. One he had been struggling with for many long uncomfortable months as the situation had been building for some time. But I also sensed a strong need for closure as he pronounced a press to just get it over with. He mentioned he had been rehearsing and contemplating their reactions as a group, their individual reactions, their individual and group personalities and his responses to every mental conversation that had been playing in his head. He sounded exhausted from his divided mind warring against the good, God and bad of it. But as he took me through the events of that late evening, I began to hear wisdom and balance in his voice. I heard the sound of peace in the decision he made to step out and have this difficult conversation. I was pleased to hear how heedful his words were spoken to the group when he compassionately unfolded his final decision and choice. He had an emotional security in his voice that made me well up with excitement over the climactic shift from anxiety to soundness.  This maturing young man did not let the difficult and uncomfortable conversation overtake him this time. Instead he set boundaries that produced a stillness before forging ahead. He wasn’t overly emotional and worried about every little detail of the person and environment he was about to encounter. His presence of mind surpassed everything else. It was like he checked in on himself to make sure no matter what, he was okay. I could tell he had periodically peeped in on his emotions and turned his face toward the destiny he wanted to take hold of.  Last night he walked away from that difficult conversation stronger and surer than ever. He knew he was accepted, celebrated and honored — for him. And most importantly he gave that true and noble vibe back to the people in the circle. To all of us having awkward and difficult conversations today .... may we receive strength and wisdom. May we always leave everyone’s dignity in place at the table of our meeting. Today reach out and Start living your life!


EJ’s Prayer for You Today:

I declare that I will be courageous and do the work. Whatever I need to do today, I will press forward knowing You will strengthen and help me. If I need wisdom, I will simply ask You for You said You will give it to me in abundance. I decree no fear. I decree no confusion. I declare power to do the work, love to guide the difficult conversation and trust You are with me. 


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Eugenie Encalarde